Ultra adventures

The story and our mission

Why we started Ultra Adventures

Ultra Adventures was founded by a group of adventure-seekers from Europe and the United States. We were inspired to start the blog after years of seeking out new thrills and challenges all over the world. From mountaineering in the Alps, canyoneering in Utah to running in the Scandinavian fells, we always looked for ways to push ourselves both mentally and physically.

We soon realized that there was a lack of options for people who wanted to really test their limits and learn how to do it. That’s when we decided to start Ultra Adventures, a blog and company dedicated to offering unique experiences in running, hiking, climbing and trekking.


We write about our own adventures, about how to do it, and stuff we want to learn and do next.


Steve is a marathoner dreaming of ultra-long distances.


Hiking, trekking, mountaineering, winter adventures.


Are you a talented writer? Do you want to share your adventures?