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how to begin ultra running
How to start with ultra-running

For most it seems impossible. But it’s actually possible. Read how to start.

Why ultra running

“Life is full of limitations. Long distance running means breaking my limitations.”

Have you ever thought about how long you could run? Or how steep?

It might seem impossible to get there. But we are certain your next ultra adventure is within reach.

The only thing you need is guidance. And someone that believes in you.

Guides on Ultra Adventures

Understand how easy it is to go beyond what you thought was possible.


Explore our trail running and ultra running adventures.

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Experience climbing and scrambling like never before.

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Gearing up

Find everything you need for your adventures.

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in the spotlight this week

Quality time with family and friends, relaxation & enjoyment of nature.

Running as a family, the whole family? Could that really a vacay idea? For this seasoned running couple, it untied many knots around issues of family life, socialising and holidays.

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Climbing the highest
mountains of Scandinavia

Our favourite spots

Find where to do it
and how to make it.

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And remember

Your next adventure might be right around the corner.

Finding the right balance between salt and hydration

You might be surprised to find out that most runners don’t have and evidence based plan for their hydration routine going longer distances.

That’s why we put together this hydration guide.

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hydration guide

Know exactly how to hydrate

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